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The new generation of lime cement light plaster

Interbran - perlite interior insulating plaster 070

What is perlite and how is it used?

Perlite is a naturally-occurring volcanic rock. When exposed to high levels of heat, perlite expands to up to twenty times its original volume. The resulting perlite is added is a lightweight aggregate to pure mineral lime cement plaster.

Interbran perlite interior insulating plaster 070 is a purely mineral lime cement light plaster in mortar group CS II according to EN 998-1, with perlite as a light aggregate. Its outstanding characteristics make for a healthy, comfortable room temperature and also improves the insulation from the inside by W/m·K

Therefore the Interbran perlite interior insulating plaster 070 is an important element in meeting current energy saving criteria according to EnEV2016 and others.

Everyone needs interior plaster. Particularly if it fulfils several functions at once.

The most important qualities

  • High thermal conductivity class 0.07 W/mK
  • Pure mineral perlite lightweight plaster
  • Fire protection classification A1 (1,200°C)
  • Water vapour diffusion
  • High mechanical durability
  • Easy and simple to process
  • Especially easy and simple to process as it is 6x lighter
  • Lasting durability

Ecological aspects

  • Healthy indoor air, no odours and regulated high humidity peaks indoors
  • Pleasant room temperature: warmer and consistent surface temperatures, ideally suited for humans.
  • Resistant to mildew (pH value 11-13)
  • Controls moisture and is capillary active
  • Compostable and recyclable
  • Free from biocides


Insulation is a key part of healthy living at home. The thermal conductivity of Interbran perlite interior insulating plaster 0.070 is 0.70 m/WK. In addition to all the other positive aspects, this insulating plaster therefore also has excellent insulation performance. The savings that can be made during cleaning or building afresh by using interior insulation mean that savings can also be made on insulating the outside.

Technische Daten

Slim wall construction


JDepending on the processing and application of the Interbran 070 plaster, even when a smooth surface, all commonplace wall coverings of all quality standards (Q1-Q4) can be spread over perlite plaster.

In order to preserve the breathable quality of the plaster, Interbran recommends the use of mineral-based surface products for the surface design, such as silicate paint, silicate emulsion paint or silicate plaster.


Due to its light weight Interbran perlite interior insulating plaster 070 is up to 6x lighter than conventional lime cement plaster and is therefore very easy to process. Experience has shown that the processing time is much shorter, saving up to 35% of the normal time.

A lime cement light plaster which can do some much more:

Proven for decades and recommended by architects: Lime cement plaster with positive, healthy properties. Interbran has now significantly expanded these properties. The perlite in Interbran perlite interior insulating plaster 070 ensures more efficient insulation. Perlite is the substance which deals with moisture and heat like no other.


Nowadays, new buildings have to be finished even quicker. Building moisture can then quickly lead to mould problems. With Interbran perlite interior insulating plaster 070, you are definitely on the safe side: And through a combination of a silicate plaster, a silicate paint or a silicate emulsion paint and their resistant alkaline properties (pH of up to 14) for the final layer, your room will be permanently protected against mould.


You can save yourself having to insulate outside by insulating inside with the plaster when renovating or building. That means thin wall constructions and therefore more floor space. All the important criteria to meet the current energy saving EnEV2016 regulations.

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Interbran perlite interior insulating plaster 070

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ABOUT US AT Interbran Systems AG

Whoever uses nature’s power for living healthily does not rely on mediocre solutions.

Interbran Systems AG is a manufacturer of innovative products and works together with partners such as the Fraunhofer Institut. The company has set itself the goal of making naturally-occurring substances efficient and usable. Through intensive research, completely new technology has been able to be developed using natural materials.

With the market launch of Interbran perlite interior insulating plaster 070, the company presents itself as a specialist in high-performance, modern construction and stands for the responsible use of resources and the environment.

Interbran only uses natural, biologically harmless materials. The materials are long-lasting and durable, free from biocides and are unproblematic for the ecological cycle



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